Be Brave

I just came back from a fantastic youth group trip — called Arctic Blast. For lack of a better word, I’ll say it was a BLAST! (ha. ha….) 😛 I returned home with a renewed passion to use my life for  a greater purpose than to just be happy and healthy, live a good life, die and go to heaven. No.

I want to go do the things I’ve dreamed of doing — to get up and travel across the world if that’s what God calls me to do, or to pursue my art like never before, so that I can impact lives with it. I want to turn myself, my life, my sorrow, pain, and triumphs, into a living, breathing testimony to God’s power and love for me. I want to live in such a way that inspires other people to run to Him, with open arms.

So much of my life has been spent in fear. I’ve been afraid to show my “true colors,” afraid that people wouldn’t like me. But guess what! God thinks about each one of us! He knows when we sit and when we rise; He knows every thought. Does it not seem more important what the Maker of the Universe thinks of you, in the long run?

Be brave. I’m saying that to encourage me as much as I’m saying to encourage you! God has called us, in John 10:10, to live life,  to live it to the full! Be brave and do what you’ve always wanted to do, because God might use it to do something beyond your craziest, wildest dreams!!



Go do whose wonderful things you’ve desperately wanted to do, and God has the power to use you! Is that not AMAZING??? 🙂



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