When I first learned to write, I stumbled over every letter. I cried over each crooked “a” in my name, despairing of ever achieving the swirling loops and flourishes of my mother’s beautiful cursive.

When I first learned to swim, I struggled with every stroke. I cried over each time trial, when I inevitably ended of laps behind everyone else, floundering like an overgrown toddler.

When I first learned to play the flute, I dreaded every new note that appeared on the page, a looming obstacle, out to drive me to insanity. I cried over every mistake, never understanding how anyone could possibly enjoy the torturous procedure.

But there was once a day when I couldn’t speak, wasn’t there? When I couldn’t even sit up, much less walk or run!

It’s all a dance.

My basketball coach introduced every new move with these words. It’s all a dance, and pretty soon you’ll be doing it ALL DAY LONG!

Now writing is my escape, swimming is what I’m positively aching to do at the moment, and the flute is my passion. I’m learning the the dance!

Every day brings a new twist to the rhythm of the dance, and isn’t wonderful that every challenge becomes another layer, a new spin, another opportunity to see what you’re capable of?

via pinterest

via pinterest

P.S. Actually my new twist to “the dance” is ballroom dancing! I’m learning, at last, to dance!!!!! As a young girl, I was convinced I would someday be a prima ballerina. The main issue with that was that I didn’t do ballet… I still don’t. But that will not stop me at least from fulfilling my beautiful dream — to waltz and spin in a swirling, breathtaking Cinderella ballgown. Someday. Someday! And someday I will dance and sing as Liesl in The Sound of Music… ❤


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